– Escape –

Everything that followed the appearance of Strider in front of my cell happened very quickly, and insofar as I can I will try to report it hereunder.


Strider had found my clothes, so I dressed as quickly as I could, then I found my bow beside one of the guards killed by Strider, the arrows were not a problem since several full quivers were hung on the wall of the guard room, there I could find my daggers too.
We got out from what had been my prison, and then I realized that that place was much more big than I thought, more than an encampment it was a little village with rock houses, stables and other things that could not be found in a temporary encampment, I realized then that I was not the only prisoner there, indeed Strider ordered me to proceed toward other farther courtyards where while he was coming he saw a couple of Hobbits detained there, while he would take care of freeing others prisoners inside rock bulidings on the right.
Fortunately there were few guards in that area that I could knock out in ashort time, although I had not yet recovered my strenght; freed the little Hobbits I proceeded with them looking for a way out from that horrible place, and was there that I saw him!


An imposing figure entirely dreesed of black clothes that covered every part of his body except for the hands on wich he wore a pair of armoured gloves; he was riding a mighty black stallion who whinnied and scraped the ground.
A terrible Black Rider was in front of me.
There where should have been the face of the rider I could not see nothing, was perhaps because of the low light (it was just dawning), or because of the black hood he was wearing, but I could swear there was no face at all, just a shadow.
Meanwhile, someone has started a fire, the thatched roofs of the hunts were on fire and I could hear the noise of some collapse.
in front of the rider another Ranger was standing, I have been able to notice the similarity of traits with those of Strider, armed only with a torch he threw chops right and left trying to scare away the rider, but alas the rider pranced his horse lowering a chop on the man’s shoulder, the Ranger fell to his knees  then I would expect to see the rider dismount to kill the man, but he did not, indeed the black figure turned towards me and the Hobbits who I freed just before and with a shrill voice he said “Which is the “Baggins” promised me?” I could not help but notice that  it was the second time I heard pronouncing that name in a short time, but nothing I could do so was the terror that paralyzed me; only a grating separated us from the rider who was approaching, but at that point all around us and a large fire was raging and then a burning beam crashed down right in front of the horse who instantly pranced, the Black Ridersent out terrible curses in his shrill language that never I heard before then he fled.


Then Strider appeared running on the other side of the courtyard and we all rushed to help the wounded Ranger, I knew then called Amdir; the wound did not seemed deep but he was however already very pale, he tried in vain to stand up, I decided then to help Strider to carry Amdir, the two Hobbits followed us; so it was that we setted out to the woods while behind our backs the fire was consuming what once were the refuge of the brigands.



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