Club Slowtro – starting June 2014

Do you want to make the game challenging again? Do you like grouping and role-playing? Do you want to experience everything LOTRO has to offer, taking it slowly and bit by bit? Then Club Slowtro might be something for you.

“What is Club Slowtro?”

Club Slowtro (pronounce it, and it will make more sense) is a chat channel and a gentleman’s agreement for players on Laurelin who want to take it slow, experience it all and make the game challenging again. And have fun grouping and RP’ing along the way.

Club members are to hold their characters at the same level – either by restricting their adventures or by using the XP disabler. We all agree to progress at about the same rate so that, when there is group content to be done, we can come together to complete it. Also, we will challenge ourselves and run quests up to 5 levels above the level cap. Some of us will also want to role-play the epic quest story along the way as a true “fellowship”.

Club Slowtro will start off (naturally enough) at 6th level – the level one leaves the introduction area. Players can play as they like – together or apart – crafting or harvesting materials or playing music or what they please – with the agreement not to advance above 6th level until everybody is ready to advance.

Players do not need to play together at a particular place and time. Players can play their characters whenever they want – respecting the level cap. The hope is that Club Slwotro will draw enough people that there will be somebody to help when somebody wants help, and there will be somebody to adventure with when somebody wants company.

Players do not need to worry if they need to drop out for a while. Unlike other types of clubs, the group is not “stuck” if some member cannot make it. When the missing player returns, he or she can catch up to the new level cap and join on adventures just as before.

The channel name is “Slowtro” (type “joinchannel /Slowtro” without the “)

The current level cap will always be posted here in the first post of this thread. As of June 2014 it is lvl 6 (starter areas)

For more on Club Slowtro, see:


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