– Baugarch –

I traveled with Talarka to the Ered Luin, along the way we talked a lot about our experiences, and I think that Talarka as Elf  is rather unusual, it is very different from the Elves of Mirkwood, certanly more sociable.
Anyway he gave me some good advice, as I was running out of  money and had no place to live, Talarka introduced me into the timber trade; Ered Luin are in fact the home of two communities that consume a lot of timber: the Elves of Celondim send it to the Grey Havens where Cirdan the Carpenter uses it to build new vessels, the Dwarves of Thorin’s Halls instead use it for their industrial activities.
Left Talarka to his own business I have  spent a few days exploring the region, which seemed safe enough at that moment apart for some disorder caused by th Dourhand;  as a man of Esgaroth the Dwarves have welcomed me kindly and I started to trade profitably with them, by the time I have conquered their trust and they even allowed me to own a home inside one of their halls under the mountains.
I think I will live there one day or another…
Unfortunately the duty called me soon, and I had to leave for Bree-land once again.

Another threat was looming among Combe, an enormous Warg was spotted wandering in Chetwood and sometimes at night he pushed towards Combe, and who knows maybe this new event could have some connection with Amdir’s matter. this is what Constable Underhill wrote in his letter to me, he was trying to put togheter a group of hunters to ward off the Warg from the forest.
So I set out to Combe.
The first hunt for Baugarch consisted of four members, there was me, Berawena a woman from Archet who had lost her parents and her brother during the attack of the Blackwolds, then there was Pada a man coming from the lands around Bree, and  Elrhandir a gondorian captain on mission in the North.
We received instrunctions to start our search from the lumberjacks camp, eas of Combe, from there we would have entered the wood; none of us knew what to expect, we searched for a long time throughout the night and when we finally found the beast it was dawning.
It was called Baugarch, “terrible fangs”, two meeters long with indeed terrible tusks, a terrible smell of death came  from his jaws, the fight was very hard and everybody risked to be eaten more than once but at last we had reason of him.
We went back to Combe and partied, but in the following days other Wargs similar to the first returned to threaten the area.

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There were other hunts, Talarka took part to one of them too, and there I met for the first time Jullian and Berenthel; but at that point was clear that “the Baugarchs” were invited to come and take residence in Chetwood by the Blackwolds, we had to find a definitive solution.
Ellie Cutleaf a woman of Combe, breeder of dogs, was approached some time before by the Blackwolds, they asked her to breed wolves for them in change of riches, although she accepted in a second time she understood her mistake and she decide to get out of that matter, she suggested us the way of the poisoning, we had to penetrate the enemy camp in the deep of Chetwood and poison the beasts food.
We waited for the darkness to attack, we killed many of them in their sleep, we poisoned every carcasss we found, but above all we have been able to kill Jagger Jack the mind behind the plan of create a wolf pack to use as a weapon against Breeland. This last event opened a door in the Amdir’s matter…